Mountain Naturals White Sage Resin Incense


Mountain Natural's White Sage incense brings you the uniquely clean and purifying fragrance and smoke that you would expect from natural Buffalo Sage smudge. Used for clearing, cleansing and calming. Each package has 10 - 10″ incenses made with high quality resin rolled onto sticks that burn for approximately 2 hours each. No charcoal required.

Resins are the purest form of incense that we know. Five hundred thousand years ago, our ancestors began to conquer fire and as they did so, they would toss various woods, shrubs, grasses, spices, oils, dried flowers, fruits, barks and tree saps into the fire. This was the beginning of using what we now call resins. The uses of resins can be traced back to the earliest written records of almost every culture in the world. The reasons for burning resins and incense are as varied as the different cultures which use them. Traditionally, the burning of resins is quite ceremonial and time consuming. At the least, a proper burner, charcoal tablets, an ample supply of heat, proper insulation and time are needed to provide the most pleasurable aromas. We wanted to go beyond the process of adhering resin on a blank stick of incense. We wanted the full impact of what the resin really smells like.

Each of the resins goes through a five to six step process before it goes on the stick. The resin is then applied to the stick using essential oils. The final step is to hand roll the stick in ground resin. The process is complex and time consuming. What it gives to you is simplicity and pleasure. Each stick burns approximately 2 hours. Experience the art of burning natural resin simply by lighting a stick.

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