Ammolite Pendant 19


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Ammonite – Fossil Stone size is approximately 32 mm (0.55 in.) long by 28 mm (0.39 in.) wide set in 925 Sterling Silver. Click here to add a Sterling Silver chain to your order.

The story of Ammolite begins about 70 to 75 million years ago when forces within the Earth were building the Rocky Mountains in what is now northwestern North America. Ammonites (sea invertebrate similar to today's Nautilus) lived in the inland ocean of this region and when they died their shells fell to the bottom of the seaway and were covered with sediment. Some of these ammonite shells became fossils that sometimes have an outer shell layer composed of gem-quality Ammolite. It is sometimes referred to as "Grandmother of Pearl”.

Ammolite has only been a recognized gemstone since 1981.  It is only found in a small area of Southern Alberta and obviously no more is being formed, which makes this beautiful gem very rare. The best stones produce a vivid display of multiple colors, have a strong iridescence that can be observed from a wide range of angles and  have a pleasing pattern of color with minimal interruption by gaps, inclusions or fractures.  

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