Himalayan Salt


Rock Salt is the remains of ancient seas that evaporated during the Mesozoic period. Its colouration is created by the infiltration of volcanic debris and organic material from the Earth's crust. Pure Rock Salt (or Halite) is perfectly white. When coloured by earthbound pigmentation, a synergy is created between the salt and the minerals that nourish and enrich it. In carefully mining the depths of the Himalayan Mountains man has brought these extraordinary ancient salt crystals forth to the surface giving us a unique opportunity to benefit from the remarkable properties of this gift of nature. The Rock Salt Crystal is harvested in a limited number of underground caverns with each block being carefully extracted by hand using a hammer and chisel. Each lamp or candleholder is patiently crafted by hand resulting in its unique form and variegated orange, amber and copper tones.

What's so special about Himalayan Rock Salt lamps? The salt lamps possess multiple beneficial properties for humans including the ability to act as an air purifier (electro-magnetically and atmospherically); the fact that the salt mineral contains 62 elements including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and germanium which all have deep, subtle effects on the human body; the ability to increase feelings of relaxation and calm; and the fact that the lamps act as a powerful air ionizer.

I think I want to know more... Well, the air we breathe contains a number of electrically charged particles called ions of which there are two varieties, negative (anions) and positive (cations). Ions are atoms or groups of atoms which have lost (cations) or gained (anions) one or more electrons. Negative ions are beneficial for all living things while positive ions have the opposite effect. The negative ions produced by Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps are comparable to those produced by sea spray, waterfalls, rushing water and forests. They act on the cells, tissues and organs at the deepest level. An increase in negative ions helps to increase physical and mental rebalancing and stimulation of the immune system. Large cities, domestic dust, multiple allergens and electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, televisions, telephones, computers, photocopiers and heating mechanisms destroy negative ions and produce a surplus of positive ions which may be responsible for numerous maladies.