Gemstones ~ Fluorite to Jasper

These pages include brief descriptions of the many gemstones that can be found at Willow Den with photos included for easy identification. Please use the links below to help find the stone information you are looking for.

GEMSTONE LIST: Agate - Apache Tear ...... Aquamarine - Cat's Eye ...... Celestite - Epidote ...... Fluorite - Jasper ...... Jasper - Lepidolite
Lodestone - Opal ...... Peridot - Quartz ...... Rhodochrosite - Tiger's Eye ...... Tiger's Eye - Zoisite

FLUORITE ~ is a highly protective stone, especially on a psychic level. Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. Grounds and integrates spiritual energies. FUCHSITE ~ carries the properties of Muscovite - inspiration, problem solving, intuition, etc. It links the intellect of the mind with the heart; allows one to use the gifts of the mind, guided by the heart.
FULGURITE ~ a form of fused quartz, these stones embody the powerful energy of lightning within them; a powerful manifestation tool. GARNET ~ Rekindles feelings; renews love; calms anger; stimulates the senses and increases vitality.
GOLDSTONE (BLUE) ~ a stone of wisdom and science, teaching us to reach for the stars, and reminding us of the light within darkness. GOLDSTONE (BROWN) ~  Aims to be a revitalizing, energizing stone, encouraging a positive attitude and individualism.
HEMATITE ~  Stone for the mind. Attracts ‘kind love’; brings tranquility and clarifies emotions. HERKIMER DIAMOND ~  is an "attunement stone," useful for attuning to another person, group or environment. a valuable asset in its ability to receive and magnify the influence of other stones.
HOWLITE ~  is a super-calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind. Howlite teaches patience. HYPERSTHENE ~ 'Stone of Rest', this stone can help those who just need rest from the world’s ways. A very good stone to encourage and induce deepened meditation states, but more on a deep relaxation level.
IOLITE ~ helps in recovering balance; recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction; strengthens the resolve to take on responsibility. IRON PYRITE ~ Protection from physical danger. Promotes memories of love and friendship. Enhances memory.
JADE ~ an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love; can be used to bring money into your life; is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. JASPER (BRECCIATED) ~ Aid to keeping grounded and attaining emotional stability; clarity.