Boiled Wool Embroidered Wrap - Multi Green

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This beautiful, reversible, multi coloured boiled wool wrap is embellished with intricate yarn embroidery and patterns creating two totally different finishes on each side of the shawl. A beautiful handmade and fairly traded gift of warmth and elegance. 

Material: 100% Wool

Made in India. Boiled wool is a woven or knitted fabric that is shrunk and thickened by the heat of boiling water. After the wool has been treated, it is dried by heat and steam. Because of the cooking process, the fibers become more dense so that it will block the icy winter winds. Boiled wool has a warm and rich appearance and because of the cooking process, the wool will get not itchy on the skin.

Size: 76" L x 24" W

Wash: Hand wash with mild soap or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle. Do not ring, scrunch, stretch or twist. Hang to Dry. Can carefully be steamed or ironed to remove wrinkles.

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