Canadian Forest Tree Essences for Autumn November 13 2018

Connecting to nature and allowing it to lead and teach us can be tremendously healing, guiding and centering.  Nature itself is always available to us to do all these things we merely need to present ourselves to the opportunity this support can provide.  In looking to the rhythm of the Trees around us we see great change.  At this particular time of year we witness in awe colors of red, gold and rust.

I have always found great solace, strength and healing from trees so when the Tree Essences presented themselves to us at Willow Den I was eager to experience them.

At this time, as the Trees are releasing and letting go, two essences – Healing the Heart and Comfort and Reassurance can be wonderfully beneficial.  With nature mirroring this potent support, we can choose to take time and let go of old emotional baggage and pain from the past or old attitudes and behaviors that could be keeping us stuck or holding us back from being present in the moments we are experiencing right here right now.

Following are some suggestions of other essences and sprays that could be beneficial at this time:

  1. Therapist & Healer essence which can assist in maintaining a sense of personal boundaries and then giving way to true integrity. It can be challenging for all of us to remain sensitive and at the same time distinguish what is and is not ours to take on board.
  2. Millennium Journey which can be a great essence for transitional times in life.
  3. Universal Healing which can assist to seal breaks in the energy field and bring that field into a more harmonious pattern.

With the sprays being made in 2oz. bottles they are so convenient to put in a purse, backpack, or in your car.  Two of these which can be most beneficial are Aura Spray for fairly instant clearing and Grounding Spray to assist us in being where our feet are. We can respond and connect to our life and the world around us and experience all of what we desire.

Our passion, creativity, gratitude and love all sit at the buffet of life waiting to be reached for and we have found the Tree Essences to be another tool to help get us there.

Please feel free to send your questions regarding all the Tree Essences and which ones could be beneficial for you and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

May the rhythms of nature lead you.